Huhwah…woo dere?

These are the first semi-intelligible words you utter as your body responds to the awakening process.

There is a voice, a recording being played back, a voice from your present, affecting your future, about the past.

“Congratulations, Captain Sterling. If you’re listening to this, you and your team have survive cryogenic freezing. The activation of your RVU should have been precipitated by the detection of the last of the creeper ships leaving Earth orbit, as well as a hospitable outdoor environment. Whether by this time we have beaten them or lost, I don’t know, but everyone here at Department-7 Command is confident you’ll deal admirably with the situation either way. Of course, by the time you’ll be hearing this recording, it will be out of date and one way or another we’ll all be dead. We will continue to update the records as long as we can, so you’ll have as much of a complete picture of what’s happened as we can arrange. Now, pay attention to this, Captain. The creepers landed, and they’ve shown us a lot of new stuff. Diseases, toxins, bio-weaponry, mutations, there are a lot of things out there that can kill you. The following list are some of the most important ones. Firssshhhhhhzzzchhkkktshshhh….click….Congratulations, Captain Sterling. If you’re listening to this, you and your team have survive cryogenic free….”

The message repeats. Who is Captain Sterling? Your eyes open and scan the room, there are 8 futuristic-looking pods, including yours, each with a footlocker. A slightly faded printed label on each pod lists a name, rank, and a string of numbers. Sterling, Henry – Captain…takes but a moment to locate.

The pod had ruptured a long time ago. Something cracked the glass plate, and over time there is nothing left but an effectively mummified corpse.

You notice the others now, coming out of their sleep as well. As you look at them, you remember.

Last you can recall, you were running an errand and a man in black tactical gear surprised you, then there was a sharp needle prick in your rear, and the world started fading out, the last sound that of a man’s voice calling your name and saying “Rip Van Winkle protocols engaged, soldier. Good luck.”

Which would be great, if you were a soldier…

The End